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Breaking Out Of Your Comfort Zone for Success

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

We all have a Comfort Zone, we can enjoy all the opportunities within our current Comfort Zone.

Imagine a Target, there are many circles within circles, as you move more outwardly, the circles are bigger.

The bigger your comfort zone, the bigger your circle, the more opportunities you can access.

The benefit is that you don’t do wild things, like move, change the way you dress, or change jobs, overnight, this offers protection, to keep the status quo.

The liability on the other hand is, that it hold you back making change. When you get to the end of your comfort zone, you will experience discomfort, which is the minds way of saying, don’t go ahead.

The challenge with this is, if what you desire is not within you comfort zone, you will have resistance from achieving it.

The key is to learn the joy of discomfort. “Your success in life is in direct proportion, to how much discomfort you can tolerate”.

Make discomfort your friend, learn that it means that you are reaching beyond you comfort zone, and new opportunities will become available, that weren’t before.

Everyone who exercises or diets knows that discomfort means progress. Change you association with discomfort and thrive.

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