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"What a great presentation! Ben’s psychological and business background beautifully compliment each other. Coupled with his persona, Ben is really the person who will impact your team and make a change. We had him at our firm, and the feedback was phenomenal!"

~ Joel Wertzberger

Business Development Manager at Brooklyn Financial Group

"Ben has a unique and realistic manner in dealing with issues and how to resolve them in a very practical and meaningful way. He is insightful and dynamic and I really enjoy his approach."

~ Alvin Kahn

Principal, Executive Director of Recruitment at Alvin Kahn and Associates, LLC, Interview Strategist

"Ben is bright & dedicated, he is a delight to work with & his results are astounding. which is due to his devotion, persistence & competence."

~ Dr. Stuart Seidman

MD, West End Medical Associates, Manhattan, NY

"I hired Ben to do a sales training to my sales staff, I was very impressed with the way he engaged and connected with the team. His knowledge in business combined with his knowledge in psychology makes his message unique and helpful. Our staff could not stop complimenting me for bringing Ben in for this training. I would very much recommend his presentation to any company looking to empower their team."

~ Joel Liberman

President of The Mint Capital

"Benjamin has helped thousands of people break through their limitations and achieve the freedom to attain their goals and aspirations. He is blessed with the unique ability to help people create the change they desire in their lives with lightning speed."

~ Daniel Soloff

National Director, Professional Career Services

"Benjamin intertwines his clinical and business expertise… His unique vantage point is bound to help…realize the factors that are holding them back and the move toward achieving their goals."

~ David J. Lieberman

Ph.D., award-winning author and internationally recognized leader in the field of human behavior

"This is a terrific book that will surely supercharge the lives of those who apply its wisdom. It is easy to read and packed with effective strategies to create real and lasting life changes."

~ David Lowenthal

Senior Vice President, Wealth Management, Merrill Lynch

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