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Benjamin Halpern
Benjamin Halpern


“This is a terrific book that will surely supercharge the lives of those who apply its wisdom. It is easy to read and packed with effective strategies to create real and lasting life changes”.

~ David J. Lieberman, Ph.D.

Award-winning author and internationally recognized leader in human behavior

“Truly a stunning success in the field of personal growth. This book will have positive impact on those who apply its wisdom”.

~ David Lowenthal

Senior Vice President, Wealth Management, Merrill Lynch

“Benjamin has helped thousands of people to break through their limitation and achieve the freedom to attain their goals and aspirations. He is blessed with the unique ability to help people create the change they desire in their lives with lightning speed.”

~ Michael Gross

CEO AJ Madison


“Benjamin intertwines his clinical and business expertise in this book. His unique vantage point is bound to help his readers realize the factors that are holding them back, and move toward achieving their goals.”

~ Daniel Soloff

National Director, Professional Career Services

“Benjamin Halpern has developed seven specific and easy to understand steps to help persons to change and improve their life. He stresses the importance of managing the emotional part of the brain. In writing about the seven steps he has included excellent learning activities and illustrations to clarify the text material and to reinforce the details of each step. All of this is presented in a concrete and clearly written book.”

~ Dean Francis Polk J.D.

Ocean County College

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